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As I mentioned the other week, I’ve been busy lately editing the Herbstalk blog lately, but as we head into the final couple of weeks before the Herbstalk Festival – and you know you want to go don’t you! Heck, I’m teaching there so it’s almost a must! 😉   So I thought that each week, I’d reprint one of my posts from the Herbstalk blog here.   Here’s one I did in February called – Herbal Madness! Enjoy…

Stop! Step away from those herbs…yes, I mean you. I know this is a blog for an herbal festival and so it is all about herbalism, but I just want to make the case for not taking herbs – at least every once and a while. 😉

Shocked Cat (Image by Michael Blackmore - Mad Crow Herbalism

Shocked Cat (Image by Michael Blackmore – Mad Crow Herbalism

It is pretty easy to get in the habit of always incorporating all the wonderful plant friends into our daily lives – teas, tinctures, capsules, etc.   But sometimes I think it is good just to take a break once and a while from them all.

Too often, we tend to think of ourselves as static instead of dynamic. When in fact, we change from year to year, season to season and even day to day as our world changes, our lives change and even the weather changes.

I find it helpful to take a break from time to time and see what is truly going on in your body. What changes have happened? Is there a new normal? Sometimes you can more profoundly recognize the effects of different herbs and what different combination are having on you when you aren’t taking them.

Taking a break and when you’re done – trying a new herb or re-visiting one that you never really connected with before can be a powerful experience.   And one always worth exploring. You may find a new herbal best friend or re-visit a long lost one! More importantly, you may learn something about yourself in the process.

One of the hazards of plant love is that we can begin to see the world through narrowed “herbal” colored glasses. Just like that old piece of wisdom, Maslow’s hammer – if all you do is hammer than everything looks like a nail.  You can see yourself, family, friends and customers and clients no longer as full individuals but as nails requiring an herbal hammer.

I see it all the time on line in places like Facebook, when a simple observation about a momentary mood, event in day, physical ache, pain etc. – invokes a torrent of “herbal” fixes from my many online herbal friends.

I generally just smile, roll my eyes and think “bless their well-meaning hearts”, but sometimes things just are and they pass. It is part of living life, impermanence and being.   Trying to “fix” things through herbs can be just as bad as the over-medicating that seems to be an epidemic in mainstream Western medicine.

Herbs: feel free to use and love them. Share that love with others.

But take a break from time to time to be not so attached. Then you can learn more about yourself and others while remembering to truly see people and be with them and not just see objects to be “herbaled.”

Just my own insane .02

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Herbstalk – Mega groovy!

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There’s something groovy and magical in the air.   No it is not the Groovie Goolies*, but it is the Boston area’s own groovy, magical urban herbal festival – Herbstalk!

herbstalk2013posterLast year was the first year it came to be and this year we’re doubling it to be two days of pure awesomeness.    So come on down to the Arts in the Armory in Somerville, Massachusetts on Saturday, June 8th and Sunday, June 9th and get your RDA of Peace, Love and Herbs (no actual RDA of which has been established but really can you ever have enough?!?)

(Last year, I got to be one of the very first teachers, teaching one of the first classes and this year I’m coming back to teach an expanded version of my Healing with Honey talk. Yay!)

This year,  leading up to the festival we’re running an Herbstalk blog, which I’m editing, with contributions from the organizers, teachers and vendors for the festival.   So in anticipation for the festival it’s the best place to get a sneak preview for the magic to come.  Check it out as you count the days to Herbstalk.  🙂

*Any resemblance between the Herbstalk organizing committee and the original Groovie Goolies:

is purely coincidental! 😉

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Herbstalk 2012 – Boston’s First Herbal Festival

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There’s something magical in the air here in Boston.

Mission Magic TV Show

No, I don’t mean Mission Magic! although that would be kind of awesome (and give me kudos for the obscure reference please!) – but something even more awesome:

That’s right, Herbstalk 2012 Boston’s first Herbal festival:

HERBSTALK: Saturday, June 9, 2012.
Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Ave. in Somerville, MA

Classes run from 11am to 6pm
Herbal Marketplace open from 11am to 6pm.

Admission: $5 suggested donation. Open to everyone!
Children are welcome!

What’s Herbstalk about?  Well, it’s about one day – more seriously…

HERBSTALK is a community event devoted to educating and inspiring people about the common and safe use of medicinal herbs. During our day-long herb fest there will be educational talks and workshops geared towards herbal beginners of all ages. All classes are given by local practicing or aspiring herbalists who are coming together in order to share their knowledge of the healing power of plants. We believe that  herbal education empowers people to take their health into their own hands and builds a vital connection to the natural world and the plants that sustain us.

Our mission is to connect people with healing herbs. HERBSTALK envisions a world in which people of all backgrounds have an understanding of herbs that can be used to heal, feed and nurture us all.

HERBSTALK has become an evolving collective of herb-lovers composed of individuals, organizations, schools and businesses that want to help their community understand and embrace the healing powers of plants. Will you join us?

Hey I’d be going even if I wasn’t giving a talk there  (check out my events page and yes I finally have an events page – which is only half way there since I have several things still to be scheduled this summer.)

If you’re in or near Boston next Saturday – I hope you go and enjoy.

Thanks to my good friend Steph for having the vision and magic to make Herbstalk happen!  (Hi Steph!)

P.S. Sadly Miss Tickle from Mission Magic won’t be there.

Miss Tickle Mission Magic

I’m sure Steph did her best, but can you imagine what sort of speaking fee she must have wanted….

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