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No, no, no – seriously no.

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It’s Fall.  Despite any denial to the contrary.  We’ve had the calendar shift, the clock change and the weather, despite New England’s always amusing dance of the many temperatures and weather patterns, is shifting toward Winter and away from Summer.  Except there is still that part of us that is pulled by society’s busy, busy, frenzy into working as if it is not.  And that struggle makes life more stressful than it should be.  So not a surprise. 😉

Like many of us who know better, I slip into that mind set too.  Keep doing more.  Produce.  Accomplish. Strive, etc.   So I decided it was time for some harsh medicine.

What did I do?

  • I took the week off-line essentially.  The bare minimum that needed to be done.  No real social media, web surfing, etc with its pull to consume more and stare more a the monitor doing nothing profound.
  • Arranged with my day job that while there was too much going on to take time off, that I would be occasionally come in a bit late, leaving a bit early, taking a slightly longer lunch.  Not too much – but enough (and they didn’t need to know the reason why) that I could pause on the way to and from work to look at the world around me.  Take in the trees, the sky and the stars.  To sit by the river after eating lunch.  To live in a time, even if to a small degree that wasn’t quite as bound by the rushing pull of the clock, etc.
  • I set aside the non-essential things.
  • I set aside the herbal work that I thought needed to be done and could wait.
  • I read fun things, I watched silly movies.
  • In my off time, I RELAXED.  I PAUSED.  I REFLECTED.
  • I laughed.
  • I shifted the time to being rather than planning, thinking and such.

Of course, it wasn’t easy but I find it an essential part of the seasonal transition that we neglect and a great prelude to the change of seasons.   Shifting from running about to delving within.

Fall Beauty in Boston - (Image by Michael Blackmore Mad Crow Herbalism)

Fall Beauty in Boston – (Image by Michael Blackmore Mad Crow Herbalism)

Stopping and looking at the trees who show us the change with deep beauty, but build on the reality of changing for the new season.

Learning from the Herbal Kitty

Herbal Kitty Sunshine Therapy (Image by Michael Blackmore Mad Crow Herbalism)

Herbal Kitty Sunshine Therapy (Image by Michael Blackmore Mad Crow Herbalism)

That sitting in a sunbeam on a chill Fall day is the best medicine.

I say go and:

  • Break out that cup of Linden tea.  Or Tulsi Tea, or Chamomile.  Perhaps some Lemon Balm, Mint or whatever nervine friends best sooth your being into greater harmony with yourself and to be less driven by pull of a societal life out of balance.  Sit and drink.  By candlelight if you want – or pull open the shades and look a the Moon as you drink at night.
  • Draw a nice hot bath, light some candles, mix in some Epsom salts and throw in some herbal teas to sooth your body and your mind.
  • Dance, sing, make art and beauty.

It’s not like the media is going to say stop watching the news, ads, buying things and go relax and be at peace.  That’s the opposite of what helps them sell things to you that you don’t need to appease that hole you feel when you are disconnected from what brings you joy, calm and connection to self, other people and nature.

So you have to pause and do it for yourself the hard way.  Even if it is in small bits within the sea of your ever flowing life.

It’s Fall, make peace with it and yourself.   I feel better after doing it myself

Just my insane .02  🙂

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