Splish, Splash – taking an herbal foot bath!

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I’ve spent the paste week or so getting used to the real world post-Herbstalk weekend and all the standing and walking around there got me thinking about feet.  Or more about how nice an herbal foot bath was after the whole thing!

Earthing - (Image by Michael Blackmore - Mad Crow Herbals)

Feet, oh my- (Image by Michael Blackmore – Mad Crow Herbals)

Is there a part of the body that we see so regularly, use so much but take for granted more than feet?  Ah, poor feet I hardly know ye…

But foot baths (herbal and more) are great.  They are good your feet and good for you.  I find they always improve my mood.   They tend to draw energy down grounding you which means they can be helpful with insomnia.

When I have a particularly hard week, I might give my feet a nice soaking every night, it makes life so much better.

You can find actual foot baths in specialty stores with specialty pricing, but frankly I use a simply big plastic dish pan I bought in a hardware store.  Way cheaper and works really well.

Some folks use muslin bags or other tea type bags to put the herbs in before putting them in the water.  I’m a little more free and just toss the herbs in directly in the water.  In fact, I cover the pan with a towel and let the herbs and water brew tea like for a bit before putting my feet in.   Then either use a colander to strain them out when I’m done or just let the garbage disposal do its magic.

Some folks might not like all that wildness and wiping plants off their feet afterward, but frankly there is something very neat and wild about having your feet immersed in with the herbs floating about! 🙂

There are all kind of things you can put in the water:

  • Herbs that are generally good for the skin like – Calendula, Rose, Linden, Chaparral or Lavender
  • Herbs aimed at cleaning things you may pick up like – Sage or Yarrow
  • Salts – don’t just think of  Epsom salt most salts and especially sea salt are pretty good things to have there
  • Surprisingly vinegar good too for your skin and feet – think the every classic Apple Cider Vinegar
  • And, of course, essential oils even if just to lend a wonderful scent!

There are things you might not think of but once I picked up a little infection on my feet and doing several hot foot baths with lots of sliced fresh Garlic cloves did wonders and got rid of the problem promptly without all the icky chemicals and side effects of the over the counter stuff.  🙂

If you don’t remember when’s the last time you treated yourself to one, then you’re long overdue!

While wonderful for you to do for yourself, let’s not forget how special it is to prepare a nice foot bath for that someone special in your life as a surprise!

And because it’s been running through my head here’s a little nifty song and animation about feet.

So put your feet forward and just do it.

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4 Responses to “Splish, Splash – taking an herbal foot bath!”

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Lovely! I love a herbal footbath too. Nothing is quite so relaxing. 🙂

Aren’t they great? I suspect almost no one does them as much as they should. 🙂


I find Epsom Salts footbaths great. I always sleep like a log after them. I also read that Herb Robert makes a great footbath for tired feet.

Amazing how much such a simply things helps so much?


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