Yoga – now I get it!

Posted on March 19, 2013. Filed under: Yoga |

I had a shift in my perspective about my home yoga practice that really opened up something amazing for me.  You could say everything I knew was wrong!


For a long while I did my daily home practice in the morning.  But since I work for a living this involved getting up way, way too early.  Tragically early in fact, so I would have time practice get ready for work and get to work on time.    Partly this was because my then new practice felt still fragile and I believed at the time I wouldn’t be able to keep it going if I did it when I got home after the struggles of the day.

Then with time as I both felt more confident in my practice’s stability and growing annoyance with getting up so blasted early –  I shifted my practice to when I got home from work, but pretty much right when I got home then went on with my evening – eat, work, prep for the next day and bed, etc.

But in time that began to feel off and vaguely unsatisfying.  It gnawed at me how I seemed to be running from task to task.  Like an overly caffeinated ferret running about – not very yogic or even fun at all.

At first, I thought I needed to pause a bit by having a bit of herbal tea when I got home before I dived into practice.  Which helped but it felt like I was getting closer while still not quite there.

Then I realized there’s a rhythm to my time home and I was working against that and creating unnecessary disharmony.

A good yoga practice is opening and helps to shift one’s energies and self profoundly.  So it was great that I was practicing when I got home and removing all that running about frenetic energy.  But then I was re-building that energy as I going about my work at home.  Instead I needed to shift it and have my yoga practice complement my day.

So starting last week I changed it all about:

  • I come home and change, cook, eat and do the work I need to do.
  • Then when I’m done with that working energy, I do my yoga practice to release and shift out of my working day.
  • My time after yoga is spent strictly relaxing, unwinding and easing to my time of sleep.

I’ve found that profoundly changed my practice.  I stopped treating my yoga practice as another task of the work day and instead made it the pivot point of change from that frantic, rushing self to the calmer, restive open self.

Took me long enough to realize that.  But really I think it was my developing yoga practice that helped me to understand what my yoga practice truly was and let go of what I thought it was.

Now it’s time for some yoga….


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7 Responses to “Yoga – now I get it!”

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What an awesome perception shift. I love it when I am able to do something like that.
✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

Thanks. It ‘s awesome when you are able to do things like that isn’t it? 🙂


Indeed some of my most empowering moment have been those when I was able to transmute my perception. 🙂

What I love is the insight that we are not nailed down to having only one process. We might find that one way of practice works–until it doesn’t. Then we are free to get creative, improvise, and find a new process. I believe this ability to be resourceful and adaptive is one of the keys to a successful long term practice.

Exactly. It should never be a static thing but change as you do. Your practice and you are an interactive ongoing conversation building upon each other and not a droning monologue.


I like it – great change of gear.

It’s the shifts of mind and practice that make it so worthwhile to me.


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