Spirits Away – Plants and Your Spiritual Self

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I have to admit that I’ve been dithering about this post for a while, which is why I took longer to post it – wow a whole week later (of course it has also been busy lately which is another reason!)


Because it has some serious Woo Woo. How serious?

Janice from the Muppets

About Seven and a half Janices. 🙂

So let’s dive in…..I’ve been thinking about the ways I use plants spiritually. Sure we talk a lot of about the physical healing properties of the plants and sometimes the emotional ones especially with flower essences. But I was thinking more specific about spiritual support and healing.

Mind you, there can be a very fine line between spiritual and emotional which I’ll cross, erase and ignore it as needed. 😉

Some of the classic ways plants have been used along these lines include:

  • Burning as incense or resins to create opening to spirit, invoke spirit – i.e. Copal, Myrrh, Frankincense, sandalwood etc.
  • Cleansing spaces and self as in smudging – i.e. Sage, Cedar, Lavender, etc.
  • Using smoke or ingesting and food/tea to alter consciousness

All of which are good general tools but I was thinking of, and tend to work with them, in different ways as well.

For example here are a couple of my favorite herbs spiritually and how I like to work with them.

Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) is, amongst its other uses, a classic cleansing plant ally with its strong anti-microbial and anti-parasitic properties. Those are primarily its physical effects, but I also see it as being able to operate on another level.


I often use it singularly, and in formulas, for spiritual/emotional cleansing and helping to remove toxic energies. Sometimes when I’m feeling a vague malaise or blockage along those lines, I will use it to help pinpoint the problem. Where I drink a strong infusion of it and lie down and observe where it seems to be concentrating the most. And those areas are the ones I need work more on energetically.

Another plant I turn to a lot spiritually is Lavender.


I find it as particularly powerful for healing and strengthening weakened areas spiritually or energetically. I’ve often used it in a 1-2 punch formula with Wormwood. Where I use Wormwood to cleanse and Lavender to heal and rebuild, which I’ve found a very potent combination when I’m in need.

Those are just two strong examples in my own life (I’ll also give an honorable mention to Hawthorn which I often use for heart and heart chakra spiritual and emotional work.) Any number of herbs can work very effectively depending on your own affinities and plant allies that work best with you.

If you have a main plant ally (plant you work with particularly well or closely) that might be a good place to start. Or see what calls to you or look for physical healing actions that can parallel the ones you look for spiritually, emotionally and energetically.  Then experiment with how they might work energetically for spiritual work as well.

There are a number of techniques you can use work with plants on a spiritual level for healing instead of just physical, but for me I find simply asking them for help and taking the time to be present with them is most powerful and direct.

In other words, don’t just take them and go about your day. Pause, reflect and be. Doing that is really some of the greatest spiritual healing magic in itself!

I think I kept that just below 8 Janices…

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7 Responses to “Spirits Away – Plants and Your Spiritual Self”

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I find even the company of certain plants is so uplifting…especially Lavender and my beloved Birch trees.

I really know what you mean. Sometimes just laying under a tree is so healing by itself.


Love your advice to ‘Pause, reflect and be’ – it’s so easy to forget to do this when life gets busy, thanks for the reminder.

Thanks. I know what you mean. It is so easy to get pulled into the rush of things and to simply forget that value of it isn’t it?


I often use the smudge sticks to cleanse the house of negative energy if I feel there is some. And we used them at our wedding to bless the space and our union. I must say I use stones more often for spiritual healing, but you remind me that herbs have some spiritual healing properties as well. I like the wormwood cleanse…very nice.

I love smudge sticks but simply don’t use them as much as I would like. I’ve always been impressed with the power of wormwood as a cleanse at all levels, but it is powerful and should be treated with respect (like all our plant allies. 🙂


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