Random Musings: Explorations of Different Healing Arts

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Herbs don’t work for everyone, for everything, all of the time.

Got your attention? 🙂

I know, I know – aren’t I suppose to be all non-stop herbal magic talk?

  • Eyebright cured my need for glasses!
  • Comfrey fixed my broken leg in one day!
  • Etc.

It’s really easy to be caught up in the magic of working with plants and treat them as an almost magical cure all instead of a healing ally that might not be suited for all occasions. Hey, they are magic and powerful. But some plants work better with some folks and not others.

Yet there’s a more important point I’m thinking of. The old hammer story.

If all you know how to do is to hammer with nails, then every problem you encounter you’ll try to fix with a hammer and nails. Even though that is not always the best solution. I tend to think all healing arts can lapse pretty easily into thinking that way. You’ve studied it, practiced it and it works for you so it must be the one!

I tend to think that depending on the person and the condition you’re working on you can often need more than one different player on your healing team. In addition to working with herbs, I incorporate life coaching, meditation, acupuncture, massage and yoga into my own health (I consider health to be more than just physical but to include mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as well) maintenance routine. And in the past I’ve had Reiki, Polarity and other energy work as part of it too.

I love exploring different things not just by reading them or taking an occasional workshop (although I do those too) but experiencing them as client. I tend to find it exciting as you learn new things about yourself and your body by looking through the eyes of that practice and perhaps news ways to look at healing and health in general.

One of the things coming up this week is I have an appointment with an Ayurvedic health counselor. I know a little bit about it and have read a few introductory books and encountered it via yoga (hey and some odd bits in Bollywood movies, but let’s not go there.) Yet working with an actual trained practitioner in Ayurvedic medicine will be a brand new thing and very exciting. Who knows what I will learn and what better ways to take care of myself and improve my life might come from it. (And also a great excuse to finally delve into the book The Yoga of Herbs: An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine, which I’ll review after I read it.)

I strongly encourage everyone to, when you have the chance, try out a different healing practice you’ve never done before. It’s a great way to broaden your horizons as a healer or as a person. Who knows what healing tools you’ve been missing. I think that different healing arts modalities work really well together even if you might not think of them together and you can be surprised which ones you know, or haven’t thought of, work best for you.

But that’s just my insane .02

(Future one I’m checking out that I’ve never done include Tibetan, Craniosacral and Chiropractic….

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8 Responses to “Random Musings: Explorations of Different Healing Arts”

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I’ve tried many therapies over the years. Everything from hands on healing to Chinese herbal medicine. The Chinese herbs were the worst as the herbs had to be boiled up into a brew which looked like muddy water…vile. Now I stick to Homeopathy and Acupuncture.

I’m with you on the Chinese herbs, I have had some forumulas there that made me think the problem I was there for would be better than the cure! I’m only just getting into appreciating Homeopathy and am pleasantly surprised how effective it can be.


I tend to combine them depending on what is going on. I like having all of that available to use.

Exactly. It’s nice having a broad tool set of things to work with depending on what is going on. 🙂


Very wise, I agree that different things are appropriate at different times.
However I do also think that herbs and plant medicine in themselves can potentially be helpful for most problems but there are so many other factors involved, who knows sometimes what works and how!

Thanks. It’s true. I’m a big fan of herbs (obviously) but I like to be able to step back and appreciate the ability of different modalities to work even better together.


chiropractice is VERY interesting 🙂 I have had some treatments and its just like freeing the bones 🙂

heard cranio was good too but have not tried it, also Indian head massage 🙂

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