Random Musings: Diagnosis in a Connected Systemic View

Posted on December 20, 2011. Filed under: Diagnosis, Path of the Healer, Random Musings |

After exploring some of my own healing, I was thinking about connections in the body, illness and diagnosis of them. But let’s start with a riddle – so what can:

  • Ringing in an ear
  • Itch in one particular part of the foot
  • Waking up regularly between 1- 3 AM
  • Tendency to collapse on the left side in some asanas

have in common?

One answer is the liver.

Depending on the system of alternative medicine they can all be associated with the liver. But where you go from there is the interesting part to me.

There are those who see disparate symptoms like these and make a connection to a single cause and then treat that cause. And conversely others who would go after the individual symptoms while not looking at a possible connection.

I tend to think (keeping to the example above) that both are really needed. The liver may need help say through supporting and regulating herbs, but the liver’s need expressed itself in those ways because other systems had things that needed support and should be worked on too. (Like tight tendons in the foot needing massage, etc.)

That’s why I like reading a variety of healing arts perspectives (including contemporary Western medicine) I think it helps keep one’s perspective flexible and gives multiple approaches to a problem or set of problems.

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