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Herb(s) of the Week – Elder Flower (Part 1 – Introduction)

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Every week I spend some special time focusing on a particular plant (and sometimes I work with combinations of them according what I feel I need that week) some I have worked with before, while others I’m exploring for the first time – always exciting!

Usually this involves some combination of the following things:

  • Drinking lots of infusions of it every day
  • Reading about it every day
  • Carrying an image of the whole plant with me
  • Meditating on that image
  • Journeying on it

This week it is all about Elder (Sambucus nigra) flowers!  I’ll do the litany (the bit that all herbalists do about this plant is good for this and that) later in the week in my own quirky fashion.  Right now, I’m enjoying the flirty and fun “so where have you been all my life you awesome plant” feeling.

Things they leave off in books that I’ll share:

(Image by Michael Blackmore - Mad Crow Herbals)

The brewed infusion is just beautiful.  I have to admit I pause in the morning before pressing it out to put in my thermos for the day, just looking at it and cooing.   (This quick snap on my cell phone camera doesn’t do it justice.)

And the infusion is mega-yummy.  Seriously.

More to come…

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In case you were wondering…

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You may find yourself asking what the heck is this blog?

The short version is that this blog is the chronicle of my explorations, growth and development as an herbalist and healer.

The slightly longer and more realistic version: it is my excuse to babble, pontificate and be brazenly silly as wanted and needed while I talk about herbalism and any/all healing arts and spiritual matters.

There will be book reviews. Herbs of the week. Yoga adventures. Informational posts. Assorted musings – some rambling and some with laser like focus.

But no funny cats pictures with captions! Well, maybe once and a rare while…I’m not made of stone.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Happy now?

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