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Linden Love

Wow!  Herbstalk festival starts today!    Each year Herbstalk has a particular plant as a theme and this year it is Linden.  Here’s a post I did for the Herbstalk blog back in May– Linden Love.   Hope to see you all at Herbstalk … Continue reading

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Oh, Oak – would you, could you?

To think the Herbstalk festival starts in just a week!    Here’s a post I did for the Herbstalk blog back in April– Oh, Oak – would you, could you? Enjoy…and you better rush and buy your tickets for the festival! … Continue reading

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Herbal Madness

As I mentioned the other week, I’ve been busy lately editing the Herbstalk blog lately, but as we head into the final couple of weeks before the Herbstalk Festival – and you know you want to go don’t you! Heck, I’m … Continue reading

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Where I’ve Been Lately

I’ve been a bit busy lately since I’m spending time editing the blog for the Herbstalk festival.   You should check out the festival in June (I’ll plug it again in a while!) and the blog! There are lots of great … Continue reading

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Enjoy Everything!

It feels to me that the past few months of winter, with their relentless cold and storms, have been especially soul wearing this year.   And I know from talking to others that I’m not the only one who’d felt that … Continue reading

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2014: The Great Fire Cider Rebellion

You might not know it, but today is a special day.  It’s World Fire Cider Day!  A day to make and celebrate this most awesome of creations in Herbalism.  It dates back generations and was popularized by the most gracious … Continue reading

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Book Review: Planet Medicine: Origins, Revised Edition: Origins by Richard Grossinger

I recently finished reading Planet Medicine: Origins, Revised Edition: Origins by Richard Grossinger  and what a ride it has been. At its base, this book is an anthropological survey of healing systems from around the world as well as a … Continue reading

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My Little Chickweed

Chickweed and me have been having this crazy little affair going on. Chickweed (Stellaria media) ; Family Caryophyllaceae Chickweed is just wonderful in the many ways you can use it – how it molds itself to be so very helpful … Continue reading

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He’s back or What’s Happening?

My overly long hiatus from the blogging world is over.  I had intended to take a little break because things were just so busy, but it ended up a tad longer than I thought.  But I’m back to regular posting … Continue reading

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Pondering the Finger or the Moon

I’ve been thinking a lot about a Zen teaching concept – “Finger Pointing at the Moon” – and just how valuable a lesson it is in so many aspects of my life from my yoga practice, in herbalism, etc. The … Continue reading

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