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Surviving Our Winter Snowageddon

You may have heard that here in Boston we’ve taken a right turn at winter wonderland and dove straight into more of a nightmarish wintery affair.  This has inspired me to share some of my tips for surviving emotionally and … Continue reading

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No, no, no – seriously no.

It’s Fall.  Despite any denial to the contrary.  We’ve had the calendar shift, the clock change and the weather, despite New England’s always amusing dance of the many temperatures and weather patterns, is shifting toward Winter and away from Summer.  … Continue reading

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Perfectly Imperfect – Letting go judgements

I needed an acorn for a talk I’m giving and that quest ended up reminding me of an important lesson or two. I ventured forth on my journey hunting the less then elusive acorn.   This time of year is better than … Continue reading

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Zing went the strings of my heart (Oh, Ginger!)

Yes, the title of this post is a pun upon an old Judy Garland song and the official name of Ginger (Zingiber officinale); Family: Zingiberaceae.   So shoot me!  But “Zing” is right because not only does it it zing, but … Continue reading

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Summer – making herbal magic

Yes, it’s August and September is peeking around the corner, but, for now, it’s still summer and definitely time to squeeze that extra bit of fun out of life.    And, of course, out of your herbal life too! Some fun … Continue reading

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Linden Love

Wow!  Herbstalk festival starts today!    Each year Herbstalk has a particular plant as a theme and this year it is Linden.  Here’s a post I did for the Herbstalk blog back in May– Linden Love.   Hope to see you all at Herbstalk … Continue reading

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Oh, Oak – would you, could you?

To think the Herbstalk festival starts in just a week!    Here’s a post I did for the Herbstalk blog back in April– Oh, Oak – would you, could you? Enjoy…and you better rush and buy your tickets for the festival! … Continue reading

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Herbal Madness

As I mentioned the other week, I’ve been busy lately editing the Herbstalk blog lately, but as we head into the final couple of weeks before the Herbstalk Festival – and you know you want to go don’t you! Heck, I’m … Continue reading

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Where I’ve Been Lately

I’ve been a bit busy lately since I’m spending time editing the blog for the Herbstalk festival.   You should check out the festival in June (I’ll plug it again in a while!) and the blog! There are lots of great … Continue reading

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Enjoy Everything!

It feels to me that the past few months of winter, with their relentless cold and storms, have been especially soul wearing this year.   And I know from talking to others that I’m not the only one who’d felt that … Continue reading

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